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•You do not need to have all of these plugins installed, but
certain channels may require one or more of the these plugins
to work properly. The plugin needed to view each stream is
briefly mentioned below the video stream. If you are using a
Mac, you can get Flip4Mac
which will help you view live streams
Technical Help!
What plugins do I need and Where can I get them?
We uses resources that are most likely already installed on your computer, but all of these resources are also
available for free on the Internet should you be missing them. In order to use we, ensure that you have!

Download Browser



Player for Android & iPhone




For Mac
•If you see a bar on top when a channel is not working,which
says Download Plugin or Download ActiveX , click on that bar
refresh your page,channels will start working.
•If you use Mozilla FireFox and you can’t watch TV channels
please install this plugin Download Now!
•If you select a TV Channel who use Flash,
then you must install the Flash Player Download Now!

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