Top Hong Kong News Papers & News sites
Hong Kong News Papers & News sites
  • Headline Daily (Chinese: 頭條日報)

    Free Chinese-language newspaper covering headlines real estate, business, stock market, financial news, sports, lifestyles, and entertainment.

  • Oriental Daily News (Chinese: 東方日報)

    One of the most the most widely circulated daily newspapers in Hong Kong. The newspaper published by Oriental Press Group Limited, was founded in 1969.

  • Ming Pao (Chinese: 明報)

    Chinese-language daily newspaper in Hong Kong, owned by the Media Chinese International Limited. The newspaper has Canadian editions Ming Pao Vancouver and Ming Pao Toronto.

  • Apple Daily (Chinese: 蘋果日報)

    Hong Kong based Chinese-language newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1995, owned by the Next Media Limited.

  • Metropolis Daily (Chinese: 都市日報)

    One of the largest daily newspapers in Hong Kong. The newspaper owned by the Metro International and published in traditional Chinese-language. The Metropolis Daily was founded in 2002.

  • Sun (Chinese: 太阳报)

    Founded in 1999, the newspaper owned by the Oriental Press Group Limited.

  • Sing Pao Daily News (Chinese: 成報)

    Founded in 1939 Sing Pao is the oldest Chinese-language newspaper in Hong Kong. The newspaper provides local, national, and international news, as well as coverage of sports, business, fashion and beauty, health, education, mobile phones, computers, entertainment, and more.

  • Sing Tao (Chinese: 星島日報

    One of the most widely read newspapers published in Hong Kong. The newspaper owned by Sing Tao News Corporation Limited. The Sing Tao has bureaus in major cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Sydney, London, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

  • Hong Kong Commercial Daily (Chinese: 香港商報)

    Daily business newspaper provides analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies.

  • Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese: 信報財經新聞)

    Hong Kong based Chinese-language daily newspaper focuses on economic news, and business coverage.

  • Hong Kong Economic Times (Chinese: 香港經濟日報)

    Hong Kong's financial newspaper published in Chinese-language. The newspaper contains articles about business news, investment & financial, real estate, trade & industry, and IT news.

  • Ta Kung Pao (Chinese: 大公報)

    Chinese language newspaper covering news, sports, business, entertainment, and community. The newspaper has many regional offices in mainland China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Tianjin.

  • Wen Wei Po (Chinese: 文匯報)

    One of the leading Chinese-language newspapers.

  • Kung Kao Po (Chinese: 公教報)

    Weekly newspaper in Hong Kong headquarters in 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong Island. The newspaper owned by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.

  • South China Morning Post

    English-language newspaper in Hong Kong features business, entertainment, sports and other news.

  • The Standard

    Fee English-language newspaper featuring worldwide news, including health, sports, entertainment, and business. The newspaper owned by the SCMP Group.

  • Sunday Examiner

    English-language weekly newspaper published in HK. The newspaper owned by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The Sunday Examiner distributed Catholic churches in Hong Kong.

  • China Daily Hong Kong Edition

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

    Regional headquarters of The Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong Post

    Hong Kong's one of a few Japanese newspapers.

  • am730

    Free Chinese-language newspaper published in Hong Kong.

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