Top Israeli News Papers & News sites
Israeli News Papers & News sites
  • Yedioth Ahronoth (Hebrew: ידיעות אחרונות‎)

    Most widely circulated newspaper published in Israel. The newspaper contains articles about latest news, sports, classifieds, real estate, auto sales, entertainment, weather, and more.

  • Calcalist (Hebrew: כלכליסט)

    Israeli business newspaper published in Tel Aviv. The Calcalist providing analysis of financial market, real estate, personal finance, automotive industries, technology, career, and companies.

  • Globes (Hebrew: גלובס‎)

    Daily financial newspaper published in Israel featuring national economy, business, and finance news.

  • Haaretz (Hebrew: הארץ‎)

    Oldest daily newspaper in Israel published in Hebrew & English language. The newspaper contains articles about latest news, information on arts & culture, movies, restaurants, music, blogs, classifieds, and more.

  • Israel HaYom (Hebrew: ישראל היום‎)

    Tabloid format daily newspaper published in Israel. The newspaper featuring local and regional news on sports, business, entertainment, and more.

  • Maariv (Hebrew: מעריב)

    Hebrew-language daily tabloid published in Israel, headquarters is Tel Aviv.

  • B'Sheva (Hebrew: בשבע)

    Weekly Hebrew-language newspaper published in Israel covering local, sports, entertainment, living, and classifieds.

  • Makor Rishon (Hebrew: מָקוֹר רִאשׁוֹן)

    Israeli daily newspaper based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  • Iton Tel Aviv (Hebrew: עיתון תל אביב‎)

    Hebrew-language newspaper published in Tel Aviv.

  • TheMarker (Hebrew: דה-מרקר)

    Leading newspaper contains in-depth articles about diplomacy, defense, peace process, Israeli politics, Jerusalem affairs, international relations, as well as news on Iran,Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine.

  • Sha’ar LaMatchil (Hebrew שער למתחיל)

    Israeli weekly newspaper is part of Yediot Ahronot publishing group.

  • Israel Nachrichten

    German-language daily newspaper published in Israel.

  • Al-Ittihad (Arabic: الاتحاد)

    Israeli Arabic-language daily newspaper headquarters in Haifa articles feature local, national, and international news, as well as coverage of sports, business, entertainment, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Israeli business world and Jewish life.

  • Kul al-Arab (Arabic: كل العرب)

    One of the most widely read Israeli newspapers in Arabic-language. The newspaper providing news and information about business, events, sports, health, politics, Middle East, and Jewish world.

  • Jerusalem Post

    Israeli English-language newspaper based in Jerusalem, Israel. The newspaper covering daily national and world news, sports, living, opinion, and business coverage.

  • Hamodia

    English-language newspaper Hamodia published in four editions: Israel (weekly only), United States (daily and weekly), Australia (weekly only) and United Kingdom (weekly only). Hebrew-language daily published in Israel. French-language weekly version was begun in 2008. The newspaper featuring daily local, national, and world news, as well as sports, entertainment, business, travel news. Also includes jobs, real estate, cars, and shopping.

  • Jewish Daily Forward

    One of the Jewish-American newspapers published in New York.

  • Electronic Intifada (EI)

    Palestinian news portal for information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Epoch Times Israeli edition

    Distribution area of Epoch Times includes Tel - Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Kfar Shmaryahu, Herzliya, Ra'anana, and Jerusalem.

  • PR Newswire

    News agency providing news and information distribution services.

  • Jewish Telegraphic Agency

    Global news service of the Jewish people.

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