Top Kazakhstan News Papers & News sites
Kazakhstan News Papers & News sites
  • Caravan

    Leading newspaper in Kazakhstan covering culture, crime, horoscope, sports, tourism and recreation, food, and more.

  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda

    Founded in 1920, Kazakhstan Pravda is one of the oldest newspapers in Kazakhstan.


    Kazakh weekly newspaper published in Russian-language. The newspaper provides analytical information in the fields of politics, business, economy, and international relations. The newspaper distributed in Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries in Europe.

  • Silk Road Intelligencer (In English)

    A daily online news source in Kazakhstan covering energy, business, economics, finance and politics.

  • (English version)

    Information and analytical portal in Kazakhstan.

  • Vremya (Time)

    Daily socio-political newspaper.

  • Kazakhstan Zaman

    Kazakhstan version of Turkish daily.

  • The Times of Central Asia (TCA)

    Distributed in the all region from Kazakhstan, to Uzbekistan, from Tajikistan to Turkmenistan and all over Kyrgyzstan.

  • Khabar

    State-run news agency.

  • Discovery Kazakhstan

    One of the most popular travel magazines among English readers in the region.

  • | Kazakhstan

    Country Briefings: Kazakhstan.

  • Steppe Magazine

    Central Asian panorama.

  • Kazakhstan - Nafas

    Art magazine in Kazakhstan.

  • Investkz

    Kazakhstan's international business magazine.

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