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Top Peruvian News Papers & News sites
Diarios peruanos
  • El Comercio

    Leading Peruvian newspaper. El Comercio is one of the oldest Spanish-language newspapers published in Peru. The newspaper was founded in 1839.

  • La República

    Spanish-language daily newspaper published in Lima, Peru. The newspaper was founded in 1981 and owned by Grupo La Republica.

  • El Peruano

    Peruvian daily newspaper was founded in 1825. It is the oldest newspaper in Peru. The newspaper featuring politics, economy, sports, culture, health, entertainment, and more.

  • Gestion

    Peru's business newspaper specializing in economics, business and finance.

  • Diario Ojo

    The newspaper published in Lima, Peru.

  • El Bocon

    One of the most popular Peruvian sports newspapers. The newspaper published since 1994. The newspaper contains articles about football, motor sports, cycling, basketball, boxing, tennis, volleyball, horse riding, and athletics.

  • Correo Peru

    Featuring local and world news on politics, business, economy, travel, health, jobs, and more.

  • Diario de Chimbote

  • El Ferrol, Chimbote

  • La Primera, Chimbote

  • Diario Integracion, Huaraz

  • Diario Ya, Huaraz

  • Chaski, Abancay

  • Diario Noticias, Arequipa

  • El Buho, Arequipa

  • El Pueblo, Arequipa

  • Info Arequipa

  • Andina, Peru News Agency

  • Andina (English), Agencia Peruana de Noticias

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